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Fly Fishing:
Spring/Summer Fly Fishing For Trout

Spring season is finally here, and anglers everywhere are gearing up to hit the water. Are you prepared with the  know-how, the right flies and gear to catch early spring Trout?  To convince trout to bite, you’ll need to use strategies that differ from the other seasons. Keep reading to learn how to catch more trout in the spring.

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Image by Keith Misner

Bass Fishing:
Spring Season Bass Fishing Tips

As bass make their way to the shallows, they will linger in spots along points and ridges, especially where flat shallows meet steep drop-offs. Migrating bass can also be found around rocky areas, emergent grasses, docks and fallen trees. These are often the best places to hook bass in early spring. Read on for more techniques on hooking big bass this spring.

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Freshwater Fishing:
The Best Baits For Dock Fishing

The best bait for dock fishing can vary depending on where your dock is located, but there are a few staple methods that work in virtually all dock fishing situations. If you're looking for an all-around lure for fishing docks, then look no further than the jig. Shallow or deep, sparse or thick cover, skipped or pitched, you'll be hard pressed to find a lure that catches more or bigger bass from docks than this one. Let's take a look at some of the best baits for dock fishing. 

Image by Keith Misner

Shoreline Saltwater Fishing:
Experience Fishing The Summer Surf

Surf fishing is a fun family beach activity to be enjoyed by all, at any time of year, and it traditionally targets fish such as Spotted Sea Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Cobia, Tarpon and many more. Tackle considerations for this style of fishing can vary based on several factors, most importantly the size of fish you are targeting. Most inshore anglers simplify their arsenal to two setups: one light and one heavier as determined by the size of fish they hope to catch. Let's take a look at the gear you'll need to enjoy fishing the spring/summer surf.

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Image by Keith Misner

Offshore Saltwater Fishing:
Experience Florida Tarpon Fishing This Spring 

The Spring Time Fishing months of March through June is known as Tarpon Season in the Florida Keys and Gulf Coast regions. During this time we eat, sleep, and breath Tarpon. You can still target and catch every other species we have here in South Florida but you can bet that if the conditions are right, Tarpon, aka the "Silver King", is your best option for a good fight.

Image by Keith Misner

Snag A Bargain:
The Best Deals On Fishing Equipment in 2023

We love to find the best deals, sales, closeouts and wholesale fishing tackle, fishing gear, rods, reels, marine equipment and more. Let The Hunter's Lane help you save time and money, bringing the best deals in fishing gear available straight to you.

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