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Image by Keith Misner

the hunter's lane:
the New wave in camo pattern design


We all know and wear those tried-and-true old brands of the camouflage industry, but now there's a growing number of smaller, newer camo brands who are bringing innovative new designs into play. Advanced technologies of the digital age have merged with the timeless art of camouflage. Check out these five brands who offer a new approach to blending in.  (Pictured Below: Sitka GORE OPTIFADE Subalpine)

Cabelas - Camo - Sitka Gore Optifade Subalpine concealment series kelin aerolite jacket.PN

[5] Camo brands

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Image by Keith Misner

King's Camo®

Hunters everywhere are discovering King's Camo®. It's also a favorite camo brand of those here at The Hunter's Lane. Their XKG® series is a game changer and allows you to be comfortable no matter the weather or situation. The XKG® Ridge Camo Pant has been a staple of King’s Camo for more than 10 years as a lightweight pant that you can wear all season long depending on how you layer it. It features polygiene odor treatment, water-resistant treatment, an athletic fit, polyester with spandex for four-way stretch, streamlined cargo pockets and heavy-duty belt loops. Three solid colors and three camo options are available. King's Camo® offers an impressive line-up of other innovative patterns as well. Most importantly, the quality and construction is top-notch, especially considering the prices won't leave you wanting to disappear.


        The Hunter's Lane Editor's Choice.

Image by Keith Misner

FL Camo®

FL Camo was founded in 2014 by passionate hunters who felt the need for new camouflage patterns and fabrics specific to Florida and the Southern United States unique landscapes and environments. With decades of combined years of experience in the Florida and Southern woods, the FL Camo fou developed these patterns and performance hunting gear to give you the best advantage you can in the field. Their 100% original patterns are custom created by FL Camo founding owner and Professional Florida Wildlife artist, Peter Agardy. 100% Original designs incorporated with photo-realistic custom painted and graphic-designs blend a variation of realistic and digital elements; including FL Camo Palmetto, FL Camo Hammock and FL Camo Glades keep you concealed in your hunting terrain more than any other camouflage on the market offered in Florida and the Southeastern USA.

Image by Keith Misner


Formerly known as “Scentblocker®,” Blocker® uses similar carbon technology to ScentLok® in its odor control. Blocker® garments fall into two broad categories: the Shield® Series and the Scentblocker® Series. These garments are now available in the Mossy Oak® Elements Terra Outland® pattern. New for this year, the Shield® Packable Rain Jacket and Pant are designed to be packed into backpacks or similar storage and carried around. The jacket features Rainblocker® technology designed to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. The comfortable, lightweight polyester fabric gives four-way stretch for freedom of movement. The three-piece hood is adjustable for comfort. The full front zip with interior storm flap works to protect the wearer from the elements.

Blocker Outdoors Logo.PNG
Image by Keith Misner


ScentLok has added many pieces to the Bowhunter Elite (BE:1) collection. The BE:1 is designed to provide layers for all seasons. Carbon Alloy technology lines each garment, adsorbing odors. The BE:1 Phantom Pullover and Pant are meant to be worn in the early season. The pullover features a lightweight, textured polyester body and upper arm as well as moisture-wicking features. The Silver Alloy tech of these garments inhibits the growth of bacteria. The BE:1 Blackout Series was made for hunters who use blinds with black interiors, since camo can often stand out against such backgrounds. In addition to completely black fabric, the garments in this series use black zippers and a black ScenLok logo on the chest. ScentLok had already retooled several mainstays of the line to be blacked out: the Reactor Windproof Jacket, the Trek Baselayers and more. The company also offers gloves, a ball cap and a headcover in pure black.

Image by Keith Misner


Trusted for years by hunters, skiers, mountaineers, and a range of other outdoor enthusiasts, GORE-TEX is the gold standard in breathable waterproof protection. It provides the protection needed to fend off rain, sleet, and snow while still offering breathability to keep you from getting bogged down with sweat when you’re on the move. Gear with GORE-TEX is what you want in unpredictable climates, when storms are in the forecast, or in wet environments. Sitka employs two primary GORE technologies in our gear for breathable weather protection: traditional GORE-TEX® fabrics and fabrics with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® product technology. Both are incredible technologies that we trust in a wide variety of situations. Count on GORE-TEX when you need reliable protection from the harshest weather. When the biggest threats to your comfort are wind and sweat, turn to GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER.

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