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Live Your Best Hunting Life

Image by Keith Misner

Best Bang For Your Buck:
The Impressive (and affordable) Savage Arms

Savage Arms is an American gunmaker based in Westfield, Massachusetts, with operations in Canada. Savage has done a remarkable job in cultivating a reputation for building super accurate and durable rifles that are ready to fire "out-of-the-box" at surprisingly affordable prices. Popular rifle models such as the Savage Axis II XP regularly outperforms its pricier counterparts in head-to-head shoot-outs, further cementing the impressive reputation Savage has created over the years.


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[5] Savage Arms Hunting Rifles of 2023.

SAVAGE Impulse-Mountain-Hunter-Closeup.jpg
Image by Keith Misner

Does Your AR-15 Identify As A 6.5 Grendel?:
Converting Your .223 AR-15 to 6.5 Grendel 

AR-15s are popular rifles, and yes — they are legal to hunt with (in most states). These rifles offer a wide range of advantages, whether you're out hunting deer or looking for smaller game during the off-season. The popularity of the AR-15 has spread to casual shooters and hunters—especially deer hunters. The 6.5 Grendel hit the market in 2002, and has really taken off. With a “short-fat” casing, the 6.5 Grendel is able to make up for the shortcomings of the .223 Rem. Originally designed as a combat round, the 6.5 Grendel was found to provide great penetration through the hide of a deer and beyond. Many .22-caliber rounds will deflect when hitting bone, but the 6.5 Grendel is large enough, and retains enough energy, to push through. It could be argued that the 6.5 Grendel is the ideal medium-range AR-15 for medium-to-large game.

Image by Keith Misner

Have It Your Way:
Building Your Own Custom Ruger 10/22 

Ruger’s 10/22 semi-automatic .22 rifle is one of the easiest firearms to modify or build from scratch at home. It has a relatively simple design, and parts are easy to swap out for upgrades to build your own Ruger 10/22 Rifle. Depending on your specific model, there will be 14 to 16 main parts to customize.  If you are a beginner and new to building your own firearm, the Ruger 10/22 rifle is the perfect place to start. Read on and we will discuss the main components to the .22, and how you can acquire all the appropriate parts.


Ruger 10-22 cusom.jpg
Image by Keith Misner

The Upland Way:
The Best Upland Hunting Shotguns of 2023

Wingshooting has a long and storied history, steeped in tradition and a love of sporting. Some of the most beautiful shotguns ever created were made for upland game hunting. Take part in the great wing shooting traditions of pheasant and quail hunting with any of these remarkable and firearms.  

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[5] Upland Hunting Shotguns We Recommend in 2023

Image by William Isted
Image by Keith Misner

Bargain Hunter:
The Best Rifle/Scope Combos
Under $1,000 in 2023

Hunting can easily become an addictive and even expensive habit for many.  Saving money wherever possible is always beneficial and we're here to help.  We've found the best rifle/scope combos available for hunters looking to save time and money. Whether you're a new hunter looking for an affordable way to get yourself equipped or an experienced hunter looking to add to your hunting arsenal, these affordable combinations are sure to impress.


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[5] Rifle/Scope Combos Under $1,000

We Recommend in 2023

Image by Alexander Andrews
Image by Keith Misner

Bargain Hunter:
The Best Hunting Shotguns
Under $500 in 2023

Shotguns are a staple in any hunter's arsenal. The sheer versatility of a shotgun makes it the number one go-to for most hunters.  With so many types and styles now available, we've put together our list of affordable shotguns that will help take your hunting to the next level. 


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[5] Shotguns Under $500 We Recommend in 2023

Image by Jake Forsher
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