Labor Day Weekend on the farm

This weekend is our county fair and rodeo, this week we are trying to get our hay baled, alfalfa seeded so we can go play for the weekend! In between farming we also have nine sows (mama pigs) that are due all this week. We have had 5 litters so far, that makes about 50 little piglets running around. That’s a whole lot of cuteness happening.


I had two broody hens so I let them sit on their eggs and low and behold they hatched chicks! This is my first crop of homegrown chicks. I’m officially addicted. With all these babies around here, you would think its springtime.


Every day this week, I have been at the fairgrounds, entering our fair entries. Tomorrow is the day to enter in our pumpkins. I entered Ryle and Chase in a Buddy and Me pumpkin contest. So today we helped Ryle pick out his fair pumpkin in our pumpkin patch. Cross your fingers for a blue ribbon!

image1 (1).jpg


Come Friday we will be stuffing our faces with elephant ears, and huckleberry milkshakes. Anyone else doing anything fun for Labor Day Weekend?