The Hunter's

Chase aka The Boss



Dad. Hunky husband. Animal whisperer. Pig wrangler. sheep shearer. Workaholic. Tractor driver. Welder. Irrigator. Vintage truck collector. Old soul.

Ryle aka Mini Chase


Son. First born. Brother. Fiery redhead. Bossy. Wannabe tractor driver. Farm kid. Rock picker. Goose hater. Ice cream taste tester.

Ridge aka Hurricane Ridge



Son. Little brother. Milk drinker. Lover of all food. Watcher. Dirt eater. Wiggle worm. Snuggle bug. Growls like a bear.

Sara aka Mama

Chase Sara-Documents-0197.jpg

Boy mom. Ranch Wife. Crocheter. Knitter. Gardener. Dreamer. Picture taker. Wannabe morning person. Netflix enthusiast. Tea drinker. Taco lover.