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Image by Keith Misner

HyperFire 2 Covert IR Game Camera

The Reconyx® HyperFire™ 2 Covert IR Game Camera uses a 0.25-second trigger and cutting-edge Motion Sensing to ensure nothing slips by undetected. A NoGlow™ GEN3 High Output Covert IR flash reaches out to 150', and the PIR detection range is 100 feet. The HyperFire 2 trail cam takes color still shots during the day and monochrome infared images at night, in either 1080p HD wide screen, or 3MP standard aspect ratio. 720p HD videos with audio can be adjusted up to 10 seconds. RapidFire™ mode takes up to 2 shots per second, or can be adjusted to as slow as 10 seconds between shots; and it can adjust to 1–10 shots per trigger pull. Time-lapse surveillance adjusts from 1, 5, 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals, and am or pm. The HyperFire 2 Covert IR Game Camera runs on 12 AA batteries or NiMH rechargable (batteries not included) and accepts SD cards up to 512GB (not included). IP65 waterproof-rated. Made in USA.


Cabelas - Game Cams - Reconyx HyperFire 2 Covert IR.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Stealth Cam:
GMAX32 No Glo Digital Trail Camera

The Stealth Cam® GMAX32 No Glo Digital Trail Camera snaps stunning 32MP still shots and sharp 1080p HD videos at 30FPS. 45 No Glo IR emitters reach out to 100', without spooking game for beautiful nighttime images. The GMAX32 trail cam features an adjustable burst mode that takes 1-9 exposures per triggering. A Reflex™ 0.4-second trigger and Matrix™ blur reduction freezes images of fast-moving bucks for stunning clarity. 1080p video recordings with audio are programmable from 5–180 seconds, and a backlit LED programming interface with Quick Set mode makes set up a breeze. Each image is stamped with time, date, moon phase, temperature, and camera name for enhanced tracking abilities. This trail cam is powered by 8 AA batteries (not included), or on the optional external power jack for SOLPAK solar battery packs (not included), and is compatible with SD cards up to 32GB (not included).


Cabelas - Trail Cams - Stealth Cam GMax32 No Glo Digital Trail Cam.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Strike Force FHD Trail Camera

Updated with a Radiant 4 Infrared Illumination system for enhancing clarity and range in night photos and videos, the Browning® Strike Force FHD Trail Camera proves an ideal game-scouting tool. The 22MP trail camera has an adjustable detection range of up to 80' and a 110' flash range. Illuma-Smart Technology automatically adjusts IR flash for the highest quality night images. Trigger speed can be adjusted from 0.135 to 0.7 seconds. Strike Force FHD has a 0.5-second recovery time between images and captures 1080P full HD videos with sound (5 sec.- 2 min. length). Picture info bar displays time, date, temperature, moon phase, camera ID. Timelapse Plus camera mode with IR triggered images; compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software. Battery meter compatible with both alkaline and lithium batteries. Powered by 6 AA batteries (not included) or 12-volt external power jack (12-volt battery not included). Supports up to 512GB SDXC memory card (not included). Browning Strike Force FHD trail camera measures 4.25"H x 3"W x 2.5"D and has a 1/4" -20 tripod socket.


Cabelas - Trail Cams - Browning Strike Force FHD.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Outfitter Gen 4 48MP IR Trail Camera Combo

A powerful IR-flash game camera that won't break the bank, the Cabela's® Outfitter Gen 4 48MP IR Trail Camera Combo makes monitoring game easy. Boasting a lightning-fast .4-second trigger (.5-second for video) and 2-second recovery rate, this capable cam snaps 48MP images and captures 1080p HD or 720p HD video clips to help you develop your hunting game plan. Powered by 48 LEDs, the cam's IR flash illuminates game up to 100' away at night to capture clear, crisp photos and videos. A 2" color LCD display offers user-friendly operation and viewing, while the efficient PIR design works to reduce false triggers to conserve battery life and valuable storage space. Versatile cam also features a time lapse mode and Multi-Shot mode to capture a more complete picture of activity around the camera. Efficient design runs up to 1 year on a full set of batteries and comes with a 1/4"-20 brass tripod mount insert w/Dead Stop. Combo includes a 6' nylon strap with buckle, a 32GB SD card, and 8 AA batteries so you can take this cam straight to the woods. Cable lock compatible.


Cabelas - Trail Cams - Outfitter Gen 4 MP IR Trail Cam.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Camera

The Moultrie® Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Camera features Auto Connect that allows it to connect to the strongest signal from a variety of nationwide network so you don't have to swap SIM cards. This trail camera features built-in memory and unlimited cloud storage so you don't need to worry about buying external memory. A high-performance sensor produces images in stunning 33MP detail and 720p video with sound. A large PIR provides a wide 40° field of view, while a .85-second trigger with improved accuracy pairs with an 80' detection and flash range to ensure you get incredible coverage and full-frame shots of that monster buck. The low-glow infrared flash gives you exceptional nighttime pictures without spooking game. A new Cellboost antenna provides excellent connectivity, plus it folds down for easy transport. The Moultrie Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Camera has flexible power options that let it run on 8 or 16 AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included). The EDGE is also compatible with solar-power accessories (not included). Get the most out of this Moultrie trail camera with the industry-leading Moultrie Mobile app, with plans that start at $9.99 per month. Setup is easy thanks to a QR code that you scan to activate. Press connect button to capture a test image. Mfrs. 2-year warranty.


Cabelas - Trail Cams - Moultrie Mobile EDGE Cellular trail camera.PNG
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