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Image by Keith Misner

crow Hunting
ground blinds:
stay hidden from view for the perfect shot 


Ground blinds are the go-to choice for crow hunters these days as they set up quickly and are highly portable. Crow ground blinds can help hide movements and allow crow callers to move around inside the blind and call without fear of spooking crows. With blinds hunters can be more confident in their calling and sit longer while waiting on crows to make their final approach.

How do you use a Crow blind?

Remember to position your crow blind so the sun will be behind you instead of spotlighting your open window and face. For example, if you typically only hunt crows in the morning, position your blind so it's facing west. That way, the sun will shine into the crows faces when they look toward your blind position.

crows, like deer, know their territories intimately, and so it's in the hunter's best interest to have his blind set up well before he plans to hunt the area. A week should give the birds all the lead time they need to get used to the sudden intrusion of a newly established blind.

Where is the best place for a crow blind?

Your setup should be somewhere between the crow roost and where birds feed. Your blind location can be based on two conditions: You know where crows roost and have patterned where they feed.

Where should you place your decoys?

If using a shotgun, place your decoys 10-15 yards from your location. 

Gear up for Crow Season with The Hunter's Lane:

Check out our lists of [Top 5 Crow Blinds] we recommend for the 2023 Crow Season.  Also, be sure to take a look at our list of [Top 5 Crow Decoys] of 2023.

Top 5 Crow Blinds

Supporting Your Success

Image by Keith Misner

Infinity 3 Ground Blind

Color: Veil Cervidae
Dimensions: 65" X 65" X 72"
Capacity: 3

The Muddy® Infinity 3 Ground Blind takes 360° viewing to another level of amazing. It boasts 3 independent windows on 3 sides, each equipped with Shadow Mesh technology that allows users to see out without letting wildlife see in. The ultra-dark interior shields you, while a small peek window at back is ideal for shooting or viewing. 600D polyurethane construction provides durability, a #10 zip door ensures easy in and out, and large, reinforced, webbing-based loops allow for larger stakes or t-posts. The Muddy Infinity 3 Ground Blind includes an oversized carry bag, a rope, and stakes. Measures 65" x 65" x 72" with an 82" x 82" shooting width.


Cabelas - Blinds - Muddy Infinity 3.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Rhino Blinds:
Rhino-180 See-Through Ground Blind

Color Options: 
- Mossy Oak Country DNA
- Mossy Oak Bottomland (Shown)

Dimensions: 75" X 75" X 66"
Capacity: 3


The Rhino® Blinds Rhino-180 See-Through Ground Blind lets you go undercover, while maintaining crystal-clear visibility thanks to a 2-way mesh system. Covered in a camouflage pattern, the mesh can only be seen through from the inside, meaning animals simply won't be able to see you. Built-in straps let you further conceal the blind by adding natural vegetation. This 3-person hunting blind sets up quickly and goes down just as easily, plus reinforced stress points and triple-stitched corners combine to ensure hunt-ready durability. A durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment means it's ready to battle the elements, and a mold- and mildew-fighting finish keeps it in top condition year after year. Large, easy-to-adjust shoot-through mesh windows mean you can stay hidden and enjoy a clear shot from virtually any angle. The Rhino-180 blind has a zipper-free door for quiet entry and exit. Hub-to-Hub: 75"L x 75"W. Floor: 58"L x 58"W. Center Height: 66". Weight: 16 lbs.


Cabelas - Blinds - Rhino 180 See-Through Blind.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

The ZonZ Specialist Ground Blind

Color Options: Cabela's ZonZ Woodlands
Dimensions: 58" X 58" X 68"
Capacity: 2


Cabela's® The ZonZ Specialist Ground Blind maximizes your concealment and game-spotting visibility with an extra-spacious 5-hub design. A total of 7 windows provide 300° visibility of your hunting area, and each window is covered with shoot-through mesh. 2 sides of the ground blind utilize triangle-shaped windows to maximize vertical and horizontal shooting zones. Extra-large single windows on the other 2 sides have two-panel covers, letting you adjust openings from the top, middle or bottom. Windows feature silent operation. Quiet 300-denier brushed-polyester exterior features a water-resistant treatment; and a large, zippered, triangle door allows easy access. Zonz™ Woodlands camo incorporates 3 distinct "zones" to effectively blend in with variations in terrain and vegetation, by providing unparalleled depth and realism at close range and long distance. Extra-large five-hub blind is quick and easy to set up, and provides a huge 74" hub-to-hub width. The ZonZ Specialist ground blind includes carry bag and ground stakes. Foot print: 58" x 58". Ceiling Height: 68". Weight: 19 lbs.


Cabelas - Blinds - Cabelas ZonZ Specialist.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Double Bull SurroundView Stake Out Ground Blind

Color: Primos Truth
Dimensions: 37"H x 59"W 
Covers: 2

An extremely portable, 2-panel hunting blind with no blind spots, the Primos® Double Bull® SurroundView® Stake Out Blind uses SurroundView technology to maximize your chances in the woods. A 2-hub design that moves easily so you can sit wherever you want, this 37" tall blind measures 59" from corner to corner to give you lots of blind to stay concealed behind. Made with SurroundView technology, the Stake Out's 1-way, see-through walls let you see everything in front of you with no blind spots while keeping you hidden from wary turkey eyes! 3 triangle shooting windows. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Weight: 4.5 lbs.


Cabelas - Blinds Primos Double Bull Surroundview StakeOut Blind.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

New! Cabela's:
EZE Portable Ground Blind

Color: TrueTimber Strata
Dimension Options: 
- 24"H x120"W 
- 38"H x144"W

Covers: 2


Make it easy to set up where you need to and stay hidden from big toms down at ground level with the Cabela's® EZE Portable Ground Blind. Designed for run-and-gun hunting, this easy-to-carry, hub-style blind sets up and goes down fast to move with you when the best spot shifts. Featuring a durable polyester fabric shell over 3 connected hubs, the EZE Portable Ground Blind features multiple brush straps for maximized concealment when you settle in. Blind comes with 4 ground stakes for stability and features 2 gear pockets and a zippered stake pocket inside. An integrated transport strap makes it easier to carry this blind on the move. Dimensions: 24"H x 120"W. Folded: 24"H x 4"W. Weight: 3.15 lbs., XL - 38"H x 144"W Folded: 31"W x 5"H. Weight: 4.45 lbs.

$39.99 - $64.99

Cabelas - Blinds - Cabelas EZE Portable Ground Blind_halfwall.PNG

crow decoys

Supporting Your Success

Image by Keith Misner

2-Pack of Realistic Crows - Large Handmade Black Feathered Crows

  • Add these realistic black crows to your crow hunt decoy field.

  • (Large) Standing Crow -13"L x 4"W x 5.5"H.

  • (Large) Flying Crow - 12"L x 3.2"W x 5"H. 

  • Material - High Quality Plastic model with feathers.

  • Add these realistic crows to trees and open fields and watch the crows gather around! Place an order! High Quality, 100% Brand New.



2 Pack Feathered Crows.PNG
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