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crow Hunting
crow calls:
how to call in the black birds 

There are two main types of crow calls that can be used individually or in tandem, which are manual calls and electronic calls. Both types have own unique traits that make them popular with crow hunters. However, at the end of the day, you should choose something that you've practiced with and feel confident going into your crow hunting season.

How do you use a manual crow call?


Assembly Call

This is a two-note call, a smooth note and a raspy note. The smooth note is made by saying the word "fuu." The raspy note is made by humming the word "all" in your throat. Combine the two for medium to close-range calling.

Alert Call

Say "foo" in 1/2 second intervals in series of twos and threes. This is a long-range call used when crows are just audible. It's also very effective on spring gobblers.


This is the most common call made by humming the word "all" in a series of threes fairly rapidly.

Gear up for Summer Crow Season with The Hunter's Lane:

Check out our lists of [Crow Calls] we recommend for the 2023 Crow Hunting Season. 

crow calls

Supporting Your Success

Image by Keith Misner

Hunter Specialties:
HS Strut Hammerin’ Crow Call

  • HUNTERS SPECIALTIES STRUT HAMMERIN’ CROW CALL - The H.S. Strut Hammerin’ Crow call by Hunters Specialties is an excellent turkey locator call that is designed to meet and exceed needs of modern hunters

  • LOUD & AUTHENTIC CALLS - This Hammerin’ Crow Gobbler Locator call produces loud, realistic, and authentic crow calls on demand which is the choice of champions and enhances your turkey hunting experience

  • MULTIPLE TONES - With an adjustable reed that allows for multiple tones, Gobblers will boom in response to these attention grabbing crow sounds and you’ll know exactly where the turkey is roosted and later greet it

  • ERGONOMIC BARREL - Now with an ergonomic root beer colored barrel that fits comfortably in your hand, your set-up on an aggressive Gobbler could be moments away and ensure it delivers the best performance possible



Hunter Specialties HS Hammerin Crow Call.PNG
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