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[5] crossbows

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Image by Keith Misner

Micro 340 TD Crossbow Package

Draw Weight: 270 lbs.
Arrow Speed (fps): 340

Weight: 5.6 lbs.

A Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Exclusive!

A compact, take-down crossbow built to go anywhere and hunt anything, the Excalibur Micro 340 TD Crossbow Package offers great performance in tight quarters. A great choice for hunts from a ground blind or a tight treestand perch, this 21-1/2" wide (cocked) crossbow uses proven Micro limbs to rocket arrows 340 fps from a 14-3/8" power stroke. Quick Loc Technology lets hunters quickly disassemble or reassemble this compact hunting machine in mere seconds with the simple slide of a button. Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System. Features R.E.D.S Supressors to quiet noise and reduce vibration. Ambidextrous cheekpiece for left- or right-handed shooters. Draw Weight: 270 lbs. Tip-to-tip: 25". Overall Length: 33". Package includes: Dead-Zone Scope with rings, quiver, 4 Quill arrows with 100-grain field points, rope cocking aid, stringing aid, extra crossbow string, Explorer Bow Case.


Cabelas - Bows - Crossbows - Excalibur Micro 340 TD Crossbow.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Titan M1 Crossbow Package

Draw Weight: 180 lbs.
Arrow Speed (fps): 370

Weight: 6.4 lbs.

TenPoint's all-time best-selling crossbow remade, the TenPoint® Titan M1 Crossbow Package gives hunters Titan dependability from a narrower and faster platform. A full 9.5" narrower and 30 fps faster than its proven predecessor, the Titan M1 employs VX-5 inverted cam technology to deliver lethal accuracy shot-after-shot. This inverted cam design gives the Titan M1 a longer power stroke and increased rotation, helping it rocket arrows up to 370 fps with 113 ft. lbs. of energy. Ambidextrous T5 trigger system gives crossbow hunters TenPoint's smoothest trigger performance ever with the proven safety of its auto-engaging safety and Dry-Fire Inhibitor. Draw Weight: 180 lbs. Axle-to-Axle: 9" (cocked) Overall Length: 32.5". Power Stroke: 14". Weight: 6.4 lbs. Package includes: Pro View 3 Scope, 3-arrow instant detach quiver, 3 Pro Elite carbon arrows with practice points, rope sled. Made in USA.


Cabelas - Bows - Crossbows - TenPoint Titan M1.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Wicked Ridge:
Invader 400 Crossbow Package
with ACUdraw 50

Arrow Speed (fps): 400
Weight: 6 lbs.

The fastest version of Wicked Ridge's best-selling Invader yet, the Wicked Ridge® by TenPoint® Invader 400 Crossbow Package with ACUdraw 50 delivers great speed and performance at a great price. This ultralight crossbow launches arrows at game up to 400 fps with 140 ft. lbs. of hard-hitting kinetic energy. Just 15" wide from axle-to-axle when cocked and 35-1/2" long, this Invader gives hunters big speed from a crossbow that's easy to maneuver. Integrated ACUdraw 50 rope cocking system reduces the Invader 400's 185-lb. draw weight by 50% for easier cocking. Built on a lightweight, semi-skeletal stock, this lightweight crossbow offers a fully integrated pass-thru foregrip with safety wings for safety, pistol grip, and integrated picatinny rail below the front of the barrel for easy accessory mounting. Easy-to-assemble, 1-bolt design. Power Stroke: 13.5". Weight: 6 lbs. Package includes: Lighted Pro-View scope, 3-arrow instant detach quiver, 3 aluminum XX75 arrows with practice points. Made in USA.


Cabelas - Bows - Crossbows - Wicked Ridge Invader 400 with ACCUdraw 50.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

PSE Archery:
Coalition Frontier Crossbow Package

Arrow Speed (fps): 380
Weight: 6.9 lbs.

Fast, compact and ergonomic, the PSE Archery® Coalition® Frontier Crossbow Package delivers big hunting performance with comfortable control. Measuring 14" across when cocked, this twin limb design fires arrows up to 380 fps with 118 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. Dual string stops absorb vibration for quieter shots. Trigger features Anti-Dry Fire and Auto Safety technology for greater safety on the hunt. Draw Weight: 190 lbs. Overall Length: 33-5/8". Power Stroke: 14.5". Weight: 6.9 lbs. Package includes: 4x32mm illuminated scope, quiver, three 20" carbon bolts with field points, rail lube, and cocking rope. NOTE: Compatible with the PSE Cocking Winch Device (not included).


Cabelas - Bows - Crossbows - PSE Archery - Coalition Frontier crossbow.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Killer Instinct:
Lethal 405 Crossbow Package

Arrow Speed (fps): 405
Weight: 6.7 lbs.

Offering incredible velocities of up to 405 fps, the Killer Instinct® Lethal 405 Crossbow Package is rugged, lightweight, and quiet. The lightweight composite frame features an over molded grip and adjustable X-Lok forearm piece for maximum comfort and control, while the included 4x32 scope extends your overall range. Integrated rubber suppressors boast quiet, stealthy performance and lightweight carbon bolts offer improved accuracy. Plus, a lightweight, consistent trigger ensures reduced anticipation and steady control. This crossbow package includes a rope cocker, 3-bolt quiver, string suppressors, 3 Killer Instinct HYPR Lite Carbon Crossbolts with field tips, and rail lubricant, ensuring you're ready for target practice, right out of the box!


Cabelas - Bows - Crossbows - Killer Instinct Lethal 405.PNG
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