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[5] crossbow bolts

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Image by Keith Misner

Ravin Crossbows:
HD 500-Grain Crossbow Arrows

Quantity: 6
Weight: 500 Grain

Offering extreme knockdown power and increased kinetic energy, Ravin® Crossbows HD 500-Grain Crossbow Arrows offer ideal performance for big game hunting with your high performance Ravin Crossbows crossbow. 100% pure carbon arrows feature a premier straightness tolerance of .001" and 400-grain weight for premium flight and energy. 20" arrows come with high-impact, threaded brass inserts, aluminum nock bushings, and Ravin-specific polymer clip-on nocks. Fletched with 2" offset vanes. 6 pack.


Cabelas - Arrows - Crossbolts - Ravin Crossbows HD 500-grain.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

CenterPunch Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows with Alpha-Nock

Fits Model: TenPoint
Quantity: 6
Weight: 445 Grain

EVO-X® CenterPunch™ Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows with Alpha-Nock™ deliver superior EVO-X performance designed for TenPoint's latest high powered crossbows. Made of a strong modulus carbon fiber, these 20" arrows come wrapped in an exclusive LAZER-TECH carbon weave that increases spine consistency by 80% and overall strength by 40%. Features TenPoint Polymer Alpha-Nock for use on 2019 and newer TenPoint crossbows. Fletched with slightly offset 3.5" Bohning X Vanes™ for maximized downrange accuracy and optimized consistency. Sraightness Tolerance: +/-.001". Weight Tolerance: +/- 1 grain. 445 grain arrow includes 84-grain insert. F.O.C.: 17%. Inside Diameter: .297". 6 pack.


Cabelas - Arrows - Crossbolts - EVO-X CenterPunch Prem Carbon Crossbow arrows with alpha-n
Image by Keith Misner

Wicked Ridge:
Match 400 Carbon Crossbow Arrows
with Standard Nock

Fits Model: Wicked Ridge
Quantity: 6
Weight: 8.6

Built to help you produce tighter groups from your high-performance crossbow, Wicked Ridge® Match 400 Carbon Crossbow Arrows help you hit the bullseye more often. Outfitted with a 61-grain aluminum insert, this arrow's performance design creates a 14% FOC to generate groupings up to 20% smaller than previous designs. Starting with performance carbon shafts inspected for straightness to within .004", each arrow comes fletched with slightly offset with 3.5" Bohning X Vanes and Alpha-Nock installed. 20" shaft. 400 grain. Designed specifically for use with Wicked Ridge® Crossbows. 6 pack.


Cabelas - Arrows - Crossbolts - Wicked Ridge Match 400.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Burt Coyote:
Lumenok Lumen-Arrow Crossbow Arrows
- 20"/Flat Nock

Fits Models:
- Excaliber®
Quantity: 3

Quit worrying about losing arrows shot from your crossbow by stuffing your quiver with Lumenok® Lumen-Arrow Crossbow Arrows from Burt Coyote. These 20" performance carbon arrows come equipped with Lumenok® LED-lighted nocks installed so you can see your crossbow's shot placement like never before. Arrows also feature 2" vanes and inserts installed. All you need is your favorite broadheads and crossbow! Flat end nocks designed for use in Ten Point® and Excalibur® crossbow models. 3 arrows.


Cabelas - Arrows - Crossbolts - Burt Coyote Lumenok Lumen-arrow crossbow.PNG
Image by Keith Misner

Carbon Express:
Maxima Hunter Contour Crossbolt

Quantity: 3

You've spent countless hours honing your skills in preparation for that all-important shot, so it only makes sense that you'd only trust the best crossbow bolt around – the Carbon Express® Maxima™ Hunter Contour Crossbolt. It boasts a patented 3-spine arrow shaft that reduces oscillation by a third, and this major advancement delivers 4 times the accuracy. The first spine – the Bufftuff Plus – a patented front layer construction is built with 100% high modulus carbon weave for excellent strength and spine consistency. The second spine – the Bufftuff – a patented outer, center layer creates the toughest, quietest carbon arrow finish, which makes it easier to remove from targets. The third spine – the Diamond Weave – a patented outer back layer adds ultimate stiffness and unparalleled spine technology. And thanks to this 3-spine technology, every single shot you take will be smooth, controlled, and incredibly accurate.


Cabelas - Arrows - Crossbolts - Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Contour Crossbolt.PNG
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